• Brand: J-Walkers
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The activities of every day life are often restricted by the capabilities of what we wear. We created J Walkers to eliminate this barrier of resistance. Allowing all of our customers to move freely in any activity that they do. Our patented material allows for the stretchy and elastic capabilities of active wear. While still maintaining the appearance of fashionable daily appearance clothing.

  • Brand: Clean Victory
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It's easy to fall into a routine, and that's okay. Routine's are what help us achieve our daily tasks. The problem is that sometimes we cheat ourselves. We skip passed certain tasks that we don't like to do because it's easy to put them off or because we don't feel like it. But, If you don't skip those seemingly meaningless tasks, then you are that much closer to being excellent. Or, if you add a small task to your daily routine that helps you get a little bit closer to achieving your goals, then you are that much closer to being excellent. Add those tasks to your daily routine. Make them your habits. Then, you will become accustomed to reaching your goals and, by default, you are more likely to achieve excellence.